The GameCity Prize is a project from the folks who bring you GameCity at Nottingham Trent University.

We’re trying to start conversations about videogames, what they mean to us, how and why they’re interesting. We’d love it if you can join in.

The GameCity Prize works like this…

  • Any game released between June 1st 2012 and June 1st 2013 can be entered into the process.
  • In early June, an esteemed, international, gender-balanced and very secret Academy of selected experts choose around 15 games from the pool of nominated games which they deem to be the most interesting and meaningful releases of the previous twelve months (see notes below). This means games released in the UK between June 1st, 2012 and June 1st, 2013. They do this by a means of weighted, anonymous voting.
  • The Academy do not deliberate, nor are they aware of the identities of any other Academy members.
  • In early July, the Academy will enter a second round of anonymous weighted voting to reduce the long list to a shortlist of six titles. Voting rounds will continue as long as is necessary to reduce the nominations to a shortlist of six. In the event of locked votes, a maximum of eight titles will be submitted.
  • In October the GameCityPrize jury are supplied with the shortlisted games in their homes, and invited to play them games over the Winter.
  • They meet in early January to deliberate and decide a winner.
  • Using subjective criteria established within the Jury, they are charged with awarding a game with the GameCity Prize.
  • There is only one GameCity Prize.
  • The GameCity Prize will be awarded at a special event.
  • Then we’ll have a party.

The Academy will be told :

GameCity will not be publishing the identities of Academy members and we would ask that you do not reveal your participation to anyone else, including other Academy members.

The Academy will be guided :

We’re asking you which are the games you’d show to someone in order to demonstrate what’s brilliant, interesting and meaningful about videogames.

We want to encourage diversity – we’re looking to you to show the jurors the breadth of what videogames can be.

Some of our jurors may have never played a videogame before, and might require a little context and guidance to help in considering the games.

Because of this, we’d like you to also write a few sentences, no more than 200 words, about each of your choices explaining why you have selected the games you have.

The notes the academy produce will be published on this website.

We hope you enjoy the GameCity Prize.

We’d love to know what you think about it.
Tell us at prize[at]gamecity.org